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Faux Sandblasted Wood Sign



Faux Sandblasted Redwood Signs using a wood graining tool and vinyl paint mask


9. A few high lights and shades are brushed in to pop the letters out a little more.

If I do more signs of this kind I will probably finish it off with a coat of satin clear to kill the gloss of the bulletin and lettering enamels. Or maybe use a flat finish on the background colors.

The logo is OK for a customer design. Her design consisted of just the script caps, overlapping as they are, and the stylized flame. Lower case script just did not work well with the design, so I used the all upper case alphabet in their place. The font is Fancy Pants from Nick's Fonts (nicksfonts.com).

The Wood Graining Tool can be purchased from most paint stores who offer Faux Painting Supplies.





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