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ArtType Extra simply uses keys on a standard computer keyboard that are seldom, if ever, used for artistic text. These symbols are almost useless in most text art. I have used thirteen of these wasted key strokes to incorporate a partial swash alphabet within my script fonts (letters most often found at the end of words) that can be quickly added to words without the trouble of changing fonts. Different fonts may have slight variations, and some text may use swash letters in the middle of some words. You will love the hand lettered feel and freedom this option offers within your scripts.



 ~ is a . ` is d

+ is e . = is g

.[ is h ..] is k

.{ is l . .} is m

\ is n .. < is r

> is s . | is t

and _ is y

Rister is the only Script Font without this feature. Xtreme Script also has a swash version of all lower case endings. For more information about swash script endings :

  TUTORIAL-Adding Swash Endings to Your Scripts.







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