Signfonts came to be as a result of my endeavor to create fonts for the PC more in line with the styles I liked to use in my sign studio before I gave in to the computer revolution in 1995. My intent, at first, was to create them only for my own use. After some request for copies, I decided to share them with others.

I launched the Signfonts web site after putting together my first package of 12 fonts in 2001. Over the years, with the encouragement of customers, other designers and venders, I have continued to add many more alphabets to my collection.

I don't take credit for the design of all the fonts you find here. Most of them are my own creations. Some are variation of other styles I like, but are not available as TTF, and some are fonts that I learned from others and evolved as my own. I hope you like my website and my fonts.

Please feel free to drop me an email with comments, critiques, or suggestions.


Steve Contreras





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