A&S Sign Gothic II. One of our original Signfonts, Sign Gothic has been re-created and optimized into a 7 font set. The original Sign Gothic is now Sign Gothic II light. The font set now includes: Regular, Bold, Black, Inline and Distressed. The Inline font is a two part layer font that fits on top of the Black version so that colors can be easily changed. SIGN GOTHIC II is only available as Open Type PS that will work with All Windows and Mac systems and all contemporary Design and Sign Maker software.

A&S Sign Gothic Black, Bold, Regular and Light

A&S Sign Gothic Black, Inline, Bold and Light

A&S Sign Gothic Black, Inline, Regular and Light

A&S Sign Gothic Light & Regular, A&S Heartbeat, A&S Bogie, A&S Cardiak and A&S Valentino

A&S Sign Gothic II Distressed

A&S Sign Gothic II Distressed, Light and Regular, A&S Bogie

This font can be purchased separately for $24.95 or as part of the following font packages:








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