A&S Motherlode Plus. Motherlode Script, Bold & Beautiful, one of our original fonts, has been updated with extensive new open type ligatures. Just a few of the new features are "o's" that connect at the top, crossed "t" swashes, and many new alternate caps with other swash letter combinations and ending. All are automatic in applications supporting open type features. Available only as OTF, Compatable with both Windows and Mac.


A&S Motherlode Plus, A&S Marquee and A&S Roadhouse


by JASON NAME - Originale Design


A&S Motherlode and A&S Ace Regular


by JASON NAME - Originale Design

A&S Motherlode Plus and A&S Edoras

This font can be purchased separately for $24.95 or as part of the following font packages:

Equipped with:







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